Current Product Margin (from 1st Jan. 2017 onwards)

AmountUpto Rs. 999Rs. 1000 or Above
Product MarginFlat Rs. 300Flat 30%

Note :
1) If pre-return*, it will be comepletely free
2) Return / Penalty column shows amount that we either had to refund or had to given by any mean to customer partial and/or full, we charge our commission on top of that.

3) Courier charge will be charged if you use our courier service while refunded product is returning.

4) For International order, if order needs to be return then sending courier charge would be recover from seller and return courier charge would be paid by SareeO. this is rare situation as we try our best to resolve issue before go on return shipment.
*Pre-return when either address not found or customer refuse to accept or in any case customer have not received parcel